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Childcare: Brain Development Stages

Posted on 12-10-2014


The stages of your infant’s brain development will generally follow a straightforward and often predictable schedule. Your baby may reach some milestones earlier than other infants and reach others later. This is not something to worry about, as it usually means that the brain is prioritizing a particular set of skills. Here are some general guidelines of the stages of brain development in infants. Since each child develops individually, remember that these are only guidelines.

Week 1 – 16

During the first four months of your infant’s brain development, he or she will begin to respond to various motor and sensory stimuli. This means that interesting lights, bright colors, and certain sounds will attract your infant’s attention. He or she will start to track the movements of objects and people in the range of vision, while not quite making the connection beyond this range.

Week 16 – 24

Your infant will be able to recognize familiar faces such as family members and will respond by babbling or smiling when spoken to. Your baby will also begin to explore the world by swiping at or grabbing objects, often putting them in the mouth.

Week 25 – 48

Your infant will now be more mobile and will be crawling, sitting, and even taking a few steps. In addition to new found physical abilities, your baby’s mental capacity is increasing, too. Your baby will begin to say his or her first words, will be able to repeat actions from memory, and will be able to find objects hidden from view.

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